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Delivering Xenotransplantation

to Clinical Reality.

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XenoTherapeutics is a not-for-profit, clinical-stage regenerative medicine company developing new

biotherapies from genetically engineered animal sources.


What We Do

We accelerate the development, testing,

training, and commercialization of innovative, live

biotherapeutic products.


Our first product, realSKIN™

is for the treatment of

severe burns which is pioneering the field of

clinical xenotransplantation (transplantation of cells, tissues, and organs from

one species to another).

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How We Do It

By genetically engineering the source animal we can produce living biotherapeutic products that are nearly human and won’t be immediately rejected by our bodies' immune system. Thus, we can provide acute therapies that allow

the body to heal itself. 


realSKIN™ is living skin that replaces damaged or severely burned skin to allow the

patient to heal on their own.

Requiring fewer surgeries

and faster healing.

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Our xenogeneic biotherapies bridge the human body’s natural healing process by replacing lost or damaged cells and tissues.

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We can produce living biotherapeutic products that are nearly human.

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We can collaborate with investigators and academic institutions to explore new indications for realSKIN as well as other biotherapies

and products.

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