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Vascularized Composite Transplants

“What if we could repair or replace damaged cells, bone grafts, blood vessels, valves and connective tissue

with new, living transplants?”

Lead Focus: Vascularized Composite Transplants- Vascularized Composite Transplants (VCT) involve the transplantation of multiple structures that may include skin, bone, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. The most commonly known type of VCTs are for hand and face transplants. Federal regulations for these transplants became effective in July 2014.

This groundbreaking form of therapy returns vital function and identity to people who have suffered a devastating injury or illness.

realTISSUE™ provides a new source of vessels, valves and connective tissue that can be produced fairer, faster and more efficiently while also addressing safety.


Our Platform is Optimized for Regenerative Medicine

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