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We’re Redefining Regenerative Medicine




Advance the

science of xenotransplantation towards

therapeutic reality.


with partners, investigators and academic institutions to develop new biotherapies.

Lead xenotransplantation to become the

new standard

for regenerative medicine.

XenoTherapeutics Foundation is a not-for-profit, clinical-stage regenerative medicine company developing new biotherapies from genetically engineered animals.


We understand the critical healthcare needs of a growing global population, and that is why we are dedicated to accelerating the testing, development, training, and commercialization of innovative, live biotherapeutic products to ensure that there will always be a sufficient supply to meet the true demand of the population.


In our research collaboration with Alexis Bio, we have developed our first product, realSKIN , which is pioneering the field of clinical xenotransplantation (transplantation of cells, tissues, and organs from one species to another).


Today the Xeno team has accomplished preclinical development in two IND-enabling studies for new biotherapies (skin and peripheral nerve transplants), progressed to Phase 3 clinical trials in a new field of medicine, and attained Orphan Drug and Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy Designations from the FDA for realSKIN .



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After three decades of rigorous research in the field of xenotransplantation, pigs have become the preferred source for xenogeneic transplants. We believe these pigs have big potential; when unlocked, they will provide a cure for every single person.

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