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We’re Redefining Regenerative Medicine

Welcome to XenoTherapeutics, the pioneering organization revolutionizing regenerative medicine through live cell biotherapies derived from genetically altered source animals.


Together, through the shared impact of medical challenges, we are interconnected. Our approach facilitates the natural repair and replacement of damaged cells and tissues, promoting healing for a wide range of health conditions and injuries.


With a dedicated focus on expediting testing, development, and availability, our goal is to ensure a steady and sufficient supply of live biotherapeutic products. By addressing critical healthcare needs, we strive to contribute to a healthier future for all.


Experience the future of regenerative medicine with XenoTherapeutics.




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Advance the

science of xenotransplantation towards

therapeutic reality.

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with partners, investigators and academic institutions to develop new biotherapies.

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Lead xenotransplantation to become the

new standard

for regenerative medicine.

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After three decades of rigorous research in the field of xenotransplantation, pigs have become the preferred source for xenogeneic transplants. We believe these pigs have big potential; when unlocked, they will provide a cure for every single person.

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