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The Medical Challenge is Critical

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Millions in Need of Effective Solutions

Every day, millions worldwide face the challenges of injuries, diseases, and organ failure, seeking effective treatments for a better future.

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of Current Approaches

Traditional interventions provide only temporary relief, leaving patients longing for lasting healing and recovery.

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Need for Innovation

Scarcity of organ

and tissue donors emphasizes the

need for innovative solutions in regenerative medicine.

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Overcoming Limitations

Traditional human cell sources face challenges: scarcity, immune incompatibilities, quality control issues, and suboptimal readiness.

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How One Animal with Big Potential
is Redefining Regenerative Medicine

Pigs are serving essential human needs every day. From safe and high-quality food products to lifesaving medical devices and everything in between; in fact, Pharmaceuticals rank second only to meat in the important contributions pigs make to society.

Commercial products and co-products derived from pigs play a vital role in maintaining and improving the quality of human life. Thanks to innovative research and new technologies, novel products sourced from hogs are constantly being developed.


Rapidly advancing science and technology are continually adding to the list of life-supporting and lifesaving products derived from this incredible animal.

Today, Pigs are a Source of Nearly

20 Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

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Some Pig!

After six years of research and development, living skin from genetically engineered pigs is helping to heal patients.

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