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About Us

Delivering Xenotransplantation to Therapeutic Reality

At XenoTherapeutics, our commitment is to transform possibilities into realities. Through cutting-edge research, collaboration, and clinical trials, we strive to revolutionize the field of regenerative medicine and bring hope and healing to patients in need.


Advancing through Clinical Trials

Today, the Xeno team has accomplished preclinical development in two IND-enabling studies for regenerative medical therapies, including skin and peripheral nerve transplants. Building on these achievements, we have advanced to Phase 3 clinical trials, representing a significant milestone in the progression of xenotransplantation in medicine.


Recognition and Designations

We are proud to announce that realSKIN® has been granted Orphan Drug and Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy Designations by the FDA, highlighting the innovative and transformative potential of our work.

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