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XenoTherapeutics is a clinical-stage biotechnology research and development company developing personalized cells, tissues, and organs to provide regenerative medicine solutions that treat common and rare diseases.


We conduct all phases of clinical product development, including multiplex genomic engineering, prototype

design and evaluation, cGMP manufacturing, and

pre- and clinical-stage product evaluation.


Our FDA-grade donor animals provide a robust platform of therapies to meet several unmet medical needs.

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Our first clinical success is Xeno-Skin®, closely followed by Xeno-Nerve®, and several more breakthrough solutions are on the horizon.

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our Mission

"To further advance the science of xenotransplantation through education, research, development, and clinical testing towards an eventual practical therapeutic use for the public benefit."

- Jon Adkins

CEO XenoTherapeutics Foundation

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Patients are waiting on us

The availability of cells, tissues, and organs that are safe, widely available, and sufficiently immune-compatible to be transplanted into anyone is the promise of regenerative medicine. The question of where and how to source these precious therapeutic building blocks is complex and the topic of ongoing research.


Allotransplantation has inherent shortcomings, and for many patients, will never be sufficient to address the clinical needs of a vast number of diseases or conditions.


There is an urgent need for a reliable, ethical source, and recent advances in gene-editing capabilities combined with an expanded understanding of the genome have renewed

the viability of an alternative.

Clinical xenotransplantation

has the potential to address this

unmet need on a large scale.