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Delivering Xenotransplantation to Therapeutic Reality.

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XenoTherapeutics is a not-for-profit,

research organization passionate about delivering new biotherapies that

restore people’s quality of life.

What We Do

We understand the critical healthcare needs of a growing global population, and that is why we are dedicated to accelerating the testing, development, training, and commercialization of innovative, live biotherapeutic products to ensure that there will always be a sufficient supply to meet the true demand of the population.


Our first product, realSKIN

is for the treatment of severe burns, which is pioneering

the field of clinical xenotransplantation (transplantation of cells, tissues, and organs from one species

to another).


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How We Do It

At XenoTherapeutics, we are redefining regenerative medicine by replacing lost or damaged human tissues with live cell biotherapies, sourced from genetically engineered animals.


By taking advantage of the high genetic DNA similarity between pigs and humans, we can bridge the body’s natural healing process with engineered pig cells, creating 98% genetically compatible products that offer greater safety, efficacy, and cost-effectiveness than traditional tissue replacement.


The power of our xenogeneic biotherapeutics comes from the utilization of live cells that are properly functioning and interconnected in their native structure. These live cells are trained in specific physiological and clinical settings to induce cell interactions with human systems to perform highly specific physiological functions, including immune modulation and gene transfer.

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Our xenogeneic biotherapies bridge the human body’s natural healing process by replacing lost or damaged cells and tissues.

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We can produce living biotherapeutic products that

are nearly human from genetically engineered

source animals.

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We can collaborate with investigators and academic institutions to explore new indications for realSKIN  as well as other biotherapies

and products.


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